Ready Made Sportsbook Platform

iGamingBook has built a ready made sportsbook platform from the ground up, with a focus on usability and simplicity, and with popular features including an integrated live and virtual casino.

B2B, Ready Made Sportsbook Platform

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Predominant Ready Made Sportsbook Platform

In terms of multi-functional ready-made sportsbook platforms, iGamingBook is a pioneer. We are specialised in the development and support of casino software, sports betting software and other games such as bingo, lottery and poker. We provide high quality data feeds, which are essential for creating your own iGaming business. Our products are designed to be easy to use and flexible enough to meet your individual requirements.

White Label, Ready Made Sportsbook Platform

The newest design trends and technology are used to build the templates. Every device, including desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets, must display them well.
iGamingbbok - white label sportsbook software

Golden Elite (yellow, orange)

Soft Fusion (light shade templates)

Emerald Books (green)


Crystal Wagers (white/light)

Dark Pulse (dark themes)

Benefits of Our Ready Made Sportsbook Platform

You can create your own personalized betting experience with our fully customizable and extensive range of features.
iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

No Revenue Share

Thanks to our zero revenue sharing strategy, you are able to keep all of your gambling winnings.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Risk Management

Take control of your business by utilizing our risk management tools that come with our pre-made sportsbook platform.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Launch of More Than 30 Sportsbooks

iGamingBook has provided sportsbook solutions to over 30 clients, including some of the most popular betting websites worldwide that we have already collaborated with.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Live Betting Assimilation

We offer live betting in most of the popular leagues around the world, including football, tennis and basketball.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Full Data Ownership

All of the data you receive from us is yours to use anyway you see fit thanks to the data ownership feature of our ready-made sportsbook platform.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Online and Live Casino

Built on the latest cutting edge technology, our ready made sportsbook platform supports online and live casinos.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Fully Customizable

You can pick and choose the features that you want your sportsbook to have. You can also get unlimited support from our team of developers and designer

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Virtual Casino

The virtual casino includes a wide range of slot machines, table games and video poker.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Live Betting

Our ready made sportsbook platform offers mobile betting, which means that you can place your bets using your smartphone or tablet.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Fiat and Cryptocurrency Support

Our ready made sportsbook platform offers fiat and cryptocurrency support, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Dash.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Back-end Support

You will be able to offer a full range of sports betting options on your site, including live wagering and in-play betting.

iGamingBook’s Sportsbook Platform: Unique Characteristics

Bet Management & Monitoring Tools​

Bet Monitoring Tools

For any professional sports betting organisation, our sportsbook platform provides bet administration and monitoring capabilities.

white label sportsbook

Admin Panel

Numerous tools, including user management, odds management, payout management, and reporting, are available in the admin panel.

white label sportsbook

Pre-Match and Live Statistics

Allow users to view the number of bets placed on each team, as well as the amount of money staked by individual players.

Odds Management Tool​

Tool to Monitor Odds

It is possible to set your own odds and manage them in real time with the odds management tool.

white label sportsbook

During Game Betting Option

Our ready made sportsbook platform offers in-play betting, which means that you can bet on a wide range of games as they are being played.

white label sportsbook

Encrypted Software

We have partnered with some of the top software providers to ensure that our products are always up to date with security and technology.

white label sportsbook software

Software Available in Multiple Languages

With the multilingual software on our ready made sportsbook platform, you can serve customers in a variety of languages.

white label sportsbook software

Varied Games

Our ready made sportsbook platform offers different casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Slot Machines.

iGamingbook - white label sportsbook

Instant Withdrawal

Users can easily withdraw money from your account, without any delay and hassle.

white label sportsbook software

Real-Time Result System

We provide various ways for users to view the information of the matches, such as scores, odds, statistics and more.

Retail Bet Shop Solution​

Retail Bet Shop Solution

iGamingBook’s software is an all-in-one software that provides everything a sports betting business needs to get started.

white label sportsbook software

Several Agent System

The varied agent system is a feature that allows you to have several agents who can take and handle bets on your behalf.

Bet Types​

Instant Bet Settlement

Our platform offers instant bet settlement, which means you can accept bets from customers immediately after they have been placed

iGamingbook - white label sportsbook software provider

Bet Slip Printing

A printed document containing details about the placed wager, known as a bet slip, can be used as proof.

white label sportsbook

Coverage of Multiple Betting Markets

Our ready made sportsbook platform offers various betting markets and features to maximise your revenue.

white label sportsbook

Diverse Range of Games Available

Roulette, Blackjack, and Slot Machines are among the different casino games available on our ready made sportsbook platform.

Pool System Betting​

Pool System Betting

Allow your users to easily manage their betting pool with our intuitive and user-friendly interface.

iGamingbook - 24/7 Customer Support​

Customer Assistance

If you have an urgent issue, you can even send an email directly from our website and we will respond immediately.

Trusted Software by iGamingBook: Reach Untapped Audience

Help with Marketing

Our platform provides marketing assistance, which includes helping you promote your business on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Customer Loyalty Campaigns

You can create a loyalty program that will reward your players for making deposits and playing real money games. Your players will appreciate the rewards you give them, such as cash bonuses or free spins on slots.

Constant Customer Support

Our ready made sportsbook platform offers great betting experience and constant customer support.

Meet Our Clients!

Ensure Professional User Experience with Our Sportsbook Platform

Equipped with a comprehensive array of features, our platform provides all the necessary tools to enable informed decision-making, including live betting and an extensive suite of sportsbook management features.
iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Tailored UI/UX

The platform is customizable and can be modified according to the needs of the developer.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Back Office Panel

The ready made sportsbook platform offers advanced reporting tools that make it easy for you to track your finances and profits.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Daily Updates

The most important thing you need to know about our ready made sportsbook platform is that we offer regular technical updates.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

High-Risk Management

With an industry leading fraud prevention system, we offer the best protection to our clients.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Multiple Options for Payments

We provide a variety of payment methods so you can create a system that fits your business model.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Assistance Provided for Hosting and Software Set Up

We'll assist you in setting up our sportsbook platform, which is already ready to use. thus you can quickly launch your website.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Support Team

Our ready-made sportsbook platform offers support teams who will help you solve your problem immediately.

Scale Your Earnings with Market-Leading Software

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Our Expanding Presence in Global Markets

white label sportsbook solution

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would you say the white label sportsbook platform is preferable to a custom-made one?

Our ready made sportsbook platform is a fully-branded product that allows you to use your own name and brand while still receiving the support of an established sportsbook company. You can create your own interface, design your own logo and colours, choose your betting markets and more. These platforms are often used by operators who want to keep their customers in one place or have a unique look and feel to their website.
Ready made sportsbook platforms are usually fairly easy to set up, but can be difficult for new players who don't have much experience setting up websites or using hosting companies. They also require some technical expertise in order to set up payment options, ad networks and other features that may need customization from time-to-time.

2.Does the sportsbook platform support cryptocurrency transactions?

Yes, our platform accepts cryptocurrency as a deposit method and some of the best sites are even offering bonuses for depositing with bitcoin. This makes it easier for players to get started with online betting, as they can start with just a few clicks and no need for credit cards or bank accounts.

3. Is it possible to integrate bespoke functionalities into the sportsbook platform?

Absolutely! By integrating your own features or modifying current ones, you can adjust the sportsbook platform to your requirements.

4. What advantages do we get from using a pre-made sportsbook platform?

The ready made sportsbook platform provides the following benefits:

  • 1. It offers a secure and reliable online betting experience to all players.
  • 2. It is user friendly, so that even first time bettors can easily use it to place their bets.
  • 3. It has a great variety of games that are available for betting, including sports, casino and poker games.
  • 4. The ready made sportsbook platform is highly customizable, so that you can easily adjust it according to your needs and preferences.
5. What is the time frame for launching the sportsbook platform?

It can take anywhere from 3-6 months to launch a new sportsbook, depending on how quickly we can get through all the licensing requirements.

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    Why Choose iGamingBook?

    We provide a complete turnkey solution to help you build your own online ready made sportsbook platform and casino site to get started. Our system is built on top of the latest technology and is designed to cater to every aspect of an operator’s needs. We can also provide you with a custom-built sportsbook that is tailored to suit your business needs. Here are some of the features you get with our software solutions.