Ready to Launch Sports Betting Software

Our ready-to-launch sports betting software comes complete with online and live dealer, virtual casino, and all the other features you’ll need to operate a profitable and successful betting website.

Immersive Ready to Launch Sports Betting Software

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Ready to Launch Sports Betting Software

We are a group of seasoned experts who have worked in this field for many years. Our goal is to assist you in achieving success since we understand the components necessary for establishing a prosperous enterprise. The iGamingBook platform offers all the resources necessary to create your own sportsbook and casino. It is user-friendly, customizable, and rapidly accessible. Depending on your specific needs and financial resources, you may choose from our entirely hosted version or our white label service.

Ready to Launch Sports Betting Software

Our assortment of templates are professionally-designed, responsive, and simple to modify, and are equipped with unique and customized characteristics that will make you distinguishable from others.
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Benefits of
Ready to Launch Sports Betting Software

Our platform offers you all the necessary features to launch your own sports betting website, and we guarantee that it will run seamlessly for your users.
iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Keep What You Earn

You will receive all of your winnings since our sports betting software does not have revenue sharing options.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Personalized Approaches

Our sports betting software from iGamingBook can be fully customized to meet your individual needs.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Greater than 30 Sportsbooks Released

Over 30 businesses have already utilized our fully functional sports betting software, which is ready for immediate launch.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Digital and Real-Life Casino

We provide online and live casino games that can be played on any device through our sports betting software.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Virtual Casino

The software is packed with all the features a sports betting operator needs to start their business, including virtual casinos.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Predefined Templates

These templates enable you to begin quickly in the business and provide you with a head start.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Live Betting Integration

Allow users to bet on events that are already taking place, something that is not possible with pre-match betting.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Fiat and Cryptocurrency Support

Allow customers to wager using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other alternative currency. It is now simpler for those who cannot use regular financial services.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Risk Management

Set limits on how much you are willing to lose on a single bet and also set how much you want to make on each bet. It’s an easy way to manage your bankroll.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Data Ownership

Our sports betting software provides full access to our product's source code and allows you to own the data.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Multiple Payment Gateways

Accept payments from any part of the world using our software through gateways such as Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, Eco Payz, Neteller and many more.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Back-end Support

Get a fully functional back office system where you can manage all aspects of your business including accounts, bets, cashout requests and more

Top-notch Features of iGamingBook’s
Ready to Launch Software that Provide Traction

white label sportsbook

Live Wagering

Users can place bets on the results of events that have already started with the in-play betting feature.

white label sportsbook software

Bet Settlement

Automate the settlement of bets to ensure quick and accurate payouts for your customers.

white label sportsbook software

Instantaneous Outcome Reporting

Our live score service provides accurate and reliable information on sporting events such as football, basketball and tennis matches which are taking place at this moment.

white label sportsbook software

Multiple Betting Markets Covered

Our betting system works on all kinds of sporting events, including football, tennis and basketball.

iGamingbook - white label sportsbook software provider

Bet Slip Printing

The bet slip feature is designed for those who prefer to place their bets manually instead of using an automated system such as a clicker or auto clicker.

white label sportsbook

Multi-Tier Agent System

This feature allows you to recruit agents who will be responsible for generating leads and sales.

Retail Bet Shop Solution​

Retail Bet Shop Solution

Utilize iGamingBook's sports betting software to expand your customer base and improve your retail business.

white label sportsbook software

Risk Management Tool

Our sports betting software includes risk management features and is ready to use, allowing you to set deposit, withdrawal, and loss limits.

white label sportsbook

Pre-Game and Live Data

The statistics provided by the software include odds, head-to-head records, home vs. away records, and top scorers.

Bet Management & Monitoring Tools​

Betting Management and Surveillance Utilities

Improve your betting success with our software's bet management tools, superior odds, and intelligent algorithm.

Odds Management Tool​

Odds Management Utility

Maximize profits by utilizing our odds management tool, which determines the optimal price for placing a bet.

Bet Types​

Bet Types

Odds, head-to-head records, home-road records, and top three scorers are among the data.

Pool System Betting​

Pool System Betting

Experience a new level of online betting with our pool betting system, which enables direct bets and point collection from multiple sportsbooks.

white label sportsbook

Admin Panel

The admin interface is entirely responsive, so it functions well on both desktop computers and mobile and tablet devices.

white label sportsbook

Various Languages Supported

This feature helps you to cater to your customers from around the world who speak different languages.

white label sportsbook software

Quick Cash-Out

The fact that you can cash out quickly and easily is a big plus when it comes to online gambling.

iGamingbook - 24/7 Customer Support​

Customer Support

You can contact the customer support team via email, live chat or telephone. They will be more than happy to help you!

Ready-to-Use Sports Betting Software to Boost Traffic

Promotional Help

Our marketing team is committed to assisting you in promoting your business and attracting more clients.

Bonus and Loyalty Campaigns

Customers love to be rewarded for placing bets with a sportsbook, so it’s important to offer them these types of perks.

Uninterrupted Customer Assistance

Our assistance is accessible round the clock to all of our customers, which implies that you can contact us at any time of the day or night and receive a response within 30 minutes.

Meet Our Clients!

Enhanced Performance Control through
iGamingBook's Software

Our platform is designed with scalability in mind, so it will grow with you as your business grows. You no longer have to worry about being locked into one solution or another—you can have the flexibility and freedom to grow however you want!
iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Bespoke Template Design

Our sports betting software is totally customizable, and you can utilize it to create your own one-of-a-kind sportsbook website. We give you the tools to manage your own betting website.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Back Office Panel

Track the performance of your business, manage bets, accept deposits and pay out winnings easily. You can also generate reports for analysis purpose.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Daily Updates

The software is fully automated, so you do not need to manually update the database or create any new accounts.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Training Manuals

Our pre-made sports betting software includes training manuals, video tutorials, and all the assistance you require to get started.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

High-Risk Management

Our software offers high-risk management and a deep understanding of the product. It is designed to help you win more, lose less.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Simple Hardware and Hosting Setting

Our sports betting software has been designed to be user-friendly, so you don't require any prior technical expertise or online gambling experience.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Instant Resolutions

Our team offers quick resolutions to all your problems related to online sports betting.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Various Payment Gateways

We offer multiple payment gateways for our clients so that they can receive their payments quickly. Our payment gateways include Skrill, Paypal, Neteller and others.

Get Industry Leaders on Board and Get Competitive Edge

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Get Industry Leaders on
Board and Get Competitive Edge

white label sportsbook solution

Why Hundreds of Businesses Around the Globe Trust Our Sports Betting Solutions

Our profits have increased significantly

The white label sportsbook delivered by iGamingBook is immensely impressive. It’s smooth, sleek, and has enabled us to meet the business goals we had outlined years ago. We highly recommend iGamingBook to everyone who is looking for a ready-to-launch sportsbook.
George Miller, CEO
George Miller, CEO

iGamingBook put us back on the map

Our sportsbook always felt outdated, glitchy and we were continuously losing customers. We got in touch with iGamingBook and we chose their white label sportsbook. They made all the customizations and launched the sportsbook quickly. Things are finally looking great for us. Thank you iGamingBook.
Adam Rivera, CEO
Adam Rivera, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it more advantageous to use custom-made sportsbook software or white-label?

Deciding whether to opt for custom sportsbook software or a white-label solution can be a challenging task, but it is necessary if you aim to establish yourself in the online sports betting industry..

Custom sportsbook software is better suited for smaller, independent sites that want a full suite of features and options available to them, including customer support and access to real-time data about their customers' experience.

White label provides the same benefits, but it also presents the chance to collaborate with a bigger corporation that can expedite the establishment of your business.

2. What are the key elements of sports betting software that are ready for deployment?

Ready to launch sports betting software is a great way for new sportsbook operators to get started quickly and easily.

Ready-to-launch sports betting software is made up of three main components: a frontend, backend, and database. The frontend is the part of your site that users interact with; it's what they see when they visit your website. The backend is where you're able to make changes to the site without affecting how your users see it. Finally, the database stores all of your data—things like customer information, player statistics, and game results.

3. Is it possible to modify the features of the sports betting software template?

Certainly, the white label turnkey solutions are complete and pre-designed to incorporate your emblem. Although, the template for the white label sportsbook software can still be customized to include any features or components of your preference and arrange it to meet your specific requirements.

4. Is cryptocurrency transaction support provided by the platform?

Certainly, it does. Our platform is now linked with several cryptocurrencies to allow users to connect their wallet and conduct transactions with their chosen cryptocurrency.

5. Does the ready to launch sports betting software manages loyalty programs on its own?

Yes! Our software allows you to set up loyalty and bonus programs that are automatically applied as soon as a customer makes a purchase. You can set up specific discounts for different products, or create a system where customers earn points or receive free products based on how much they spend during a certain period of time.

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