Ready to Launch Sportsbook Providers

With our ready-to-launch sportsbook providers, you get the most customisable options to give your clients the best possible experience. You can use our platform to access well-liked services including online, live, and virtual casinos.

Leading Ready to Launch Sportsbook Providers

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Remarkable Ready to Launch Sportsbook Providers

The fastest and most reliable ready-to-launch sportsbook providers are known as iGamingBook. Even with no expertise or experience in web development, you can quickly and easily build up own betting website using one of our templates. Now is your chance to launch your own sports betting website if you’ve ever desired to but were unsure how. Every stage of the procedure will be explained to you by us.

Surpassing Ready to Launch Sportsbook Providers

From our collection of appealing themes, you can either choose the template that best suits your needs or start from scratch and make your own.
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Golden Elite

Soft Fusion

Emerald Books


Crystal Wagers

Dark Pulse

Benefits Provided by Our Ready to Launch Sportsbook Providers

Our software comes with all the features you need to set up a betting business and start making profits in the shortest time possible.
iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Virtual Casino

Our ready-to-launch sportsbook providers offer virtual casino features, so you can offer more than just betting on sporting events.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Bespoke Templates

The custom templates have been developed by experts that understand what the customers expect.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Live Betting

We offer live betting, which is a great way to get your customers excited and engaged to your sportsbook platform.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

100% Custom Options

Our sportsbook software is completely customizable, so you can make sure it's exactly what you want and nothing less.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

30+ Sportsbooks Launched

We've launched 30+ sportsbooks, and we've learned a lot about what it takes to make a great product.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

No Revenue Share

To preserve transparency, we provide our ready-to-launch sportsbook software without a revenue-sharing scheme; you keep all of your winnings.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Online and Live Casino

You can provide your customers with a wide range of gaming alternatives by using the sportsbook software from iGamingBook, which includes both online and live casino games.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Cryptocurrency Support

Our cryptocurrency payment system allows you to accept payments in any currency. If you have customers from different parts of the world who want to pay with their own currency, this makes it easy for them!

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Risk Management

Our programme is made to assist you in managing business risk right away, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters: expanding your company.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

User Data Ownership

Our sportsbook software comes with user data ownership, which means that all of your customer information is stored and stored securely on your servers, not ours.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Back-end Analytics

You can use this analytics to track your own numbers and make sure that you're on the right track.

Prime Features of iGamingBook’s Sportsbook Software

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Several Agents

You can divide your clientele among several agents, who will then collaborate to boost your revenue.

white label sportsbook software

Real-Time Result

You can display the results of your bets as they happen in real time on your website.

white label sportsbook software

Access to Multiple Betting Markets

We cover not just the major sports, but also the minor leagues, local teams, and even some of the more niche markets.

white label sportsbook software

Instant Bet Settlement

The bettors can check their bets and get the results immediately upon placing the wager.

Bet Management & Monitoring Tools​

Bet Management & Monitoring Tools

The feature allows you to stay on top of your numbers, so you know if you need to change anything about your business model or what kinds of bets you're offering.

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In-Play Betting

Allow your players to bet on an event as it is happening to engage them even more to your sportsbook platform.

iGamingbook - white label sportsbook software provider

Bet Slip Printing

With our sportsbook software, you can print your bet slips right from your computer. It's super easy to do, and it makes it easier than ever to keep track of the bets you've placed.

white label sportsbook software

Risk Management Tool

Our risk management tools let you determine how much you can afford to lose before it would be too much for your business.

Odds Management Tool​

Odds Management Tool

Keep an eye on your odds and make sure you're always giving your players the best chances.

Bet Types​

Varied Betting Options

Get a variety of betting options, including fixed odds, cash outs, flexible odds, and moneyline bets.

Retail Bet Shop Solution​

Retail Bet Shop Solution

With the help of our system, you can quickly set up a business at your bookmaker and provide your clients the option to wager on sports there and then.

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Admin Dashboard

Users have access to a number of tools through the admin dashboard that they may use to enhance and personalise their experience.

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Pre-Match and Live Statistics

With the live statistics feature, the players will be able to see how both teams are performing in real time and make bets accordingly.

Pool System Betting​

Pool System Betting

Our software includes an easy-to-use pool system that lets your punters create pools with as many participants as they want.

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Multiple Language Support

You can choose to run your sportsbook in any of the following: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian, and many more.

iGamingbook - white label sportsbook

Quick Cash-Out

You can process withdrawals using our program's rapid cash out feature without using any additional plugins or applications.

iGamingbook - 24/7 Customer Support​

24/7 Customer Support

You can be confident that you're constantly getting the most out of our product with the help of our ready to launch sportsbook suppliers, who give round-the-clock customer service.

Get an Extensive Reach with iGamingBook’s Ready to Launch Sportsbook Software

Marketing Assistance

We know that starting a business is hard work, so we want to make sure that your sportsbook is successful by giving you all the tools and support you need to get off the ground.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Our loyalty program allows you to reward your most loyal customers with free bets, cash back or other incentives. You can also use it to incentivize your users and encourage them to make deposits or place more bets.

Customer Support

When you choose our ready-made sportsbook software, you’ll get the support of our team at every step of the way.

Get to Know Our Clients

Amplify Your Profits with Leading Ready to
Launch Sportsbook Providers

iGamingBook’s ready to launch sportsbook providers offer you a fully functional platform that includes a fully integrated platform that supports a wide variety of gaming options, including sports betting and casino games like blackjack and roulette.
iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Admin Interface

Manage your complete sportsbook platform, set up accounts for customers, and track their activity with a perfectly seamless admin panel.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Daily Updates

We regularly update our software, so you don't have to worry about keeping up with the latest developments in the industry.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Training Manuals

The manuals guide you through every step of the process, from setting up an account, to adding teams and players, creating events and odds, and even placing wagers.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Customised UI

Our software was designed to be easily customized to your brand, so that you can have a fully branded sportsbook from start to finish.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

High-Risk Management

High-risk management is a feature of our ready-made sportsbook software that is necessary for every sportsbook that wishes to remain in operation.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Easy Hardware and Hosting Set-Ups

We handle server setup and hosting so you can concentrate on what matters most—expanding your business and generating revenue!

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Instant Solutions

Our ready to launch software comes with instant solutions that make managing your business fun and easy, so you can spend more time doing what you love—running your business!

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Multiple Payment Gateways

We offer a variety of payment options to make things as easy and convenient for you as possible.

Ensure Your Success with Our Incredible Platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is more preferable for my business, custom or ready to launch sportsbook software?

When it comes to choosing between custom and ready-to-launch sportsbook software, it's important to consider what your goals are.
You should probably use ready-to-launch if you want to create a contemporary, slick website that matches all the other sportsbooks on the internet. A pre-made theme can be easily customised, and if you outsource the website's development, it may be finished quickly.
Custom may be a better option for you if you're searching for something more distinctive or particular—perhaps you want a certain feature or kind of game. It's challenging for any one organisation to provide all of the possibilities because there are so many of them.

2. Can the users make transactions using cryptocurrency?

Yes, the users can make transactions using cryptocurrency. The users can use cryptocurrency to make withdrawals and deposits to place bets.

3. Are the templates customizable?

Yes, you can. The sportsbook platform and the templates are designed to be fully customizable.
We can assist you in selecting the features that are most significant to you, and we'll then customise the platform to suit your requirements.

4. What are the best features provided by ready to launch sportsbook providers?

The best features provided by ready-to-launch sportsbook providers include:

  • - A pre-built, customizable platform
  • - Live betting options (fantasy sports and live odds)
  • - Full transparency on payout rates and payouts.
5. What are the different payment options supported by the platform?

The platform supports a wide array of payment options, including:

  • - PayPal
  • - Credit card
  • - Bank transfer

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    Why Choose iGamingBook?

    iGamingBook’s ready to launch sportsbook providers deliver a platform that is built with the latest in web-based technology, and our customizable architecture makes it easy for you to integrate your new gaming experience into your current website. We’ll help you get set up in no time! We offer multiple options for customization, ranging from the type of games available in your sportsbook to how much information is shared about each game.