White Label Sportsbook Software in Armenia

iGamingBook is a fully customizable white label sportsbook software in Armenia. With this solution, you can start your own sports betting business in Armenia within days.

Immersive White label Sportsbook Software in Armenia

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Ready to Launch White Label Sportsbook Software in Armenia

Are you looking for white label sportsbook software in Armenia? It is best to use iGamingBook. The sportsbook software from iGamingBook is a cutting-edge platform with the newest features. Even novice users will find the turnkey sportsbook software to be simple to use thanks to its clear layout. There are several different games on the sportsbook platform, including scratch cards, video poker, table games, and slots..

Fully Managed, Ready Made Sportsbook

For your white label sportsbook software, we offer templates that have been expertly built. The design comes with all the pages, widgets, and functionality you’ll need to quickly establish your own sports betting website.
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Benefits of White Label Sportsbook Software Solutions

Our white label sportsbook solution is the perfect opportunity for you to get in on the action.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Profit Sharing

Without revenue sharing, our white label sportsbook software is offered. The entire revenue generated by your bookmaker website is yours to keep.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Fully Customizable

You can customize everything from the color scheme and logo to the betting options you want to offer.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

30+ Sportsbooks Launched

We can assist you in launching your own turnkey sportsbook solution. We have launched such systems for more than 30 clients globally.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Online and Live Casino

The most well-liked solution for the sportsbook business is our white label live and online casino software.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Virtual Casino

a virtual casino and a website for wagering on conventional sports like basketball or football can be made using our white label sportsbook software.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Predefined Templates

You can utilise one of our current layouts as a starting point for your own website with our white label sportsbook software.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Live Betting Integration

While they wait for the next game, live betting is a great method to keep your consumers interested and entertained.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Fiat and Cryptocurrency Support for Fiat and Cryptocurrency

Give your users the opportunity to add and remove money by connecting their crypto wallets.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Mobile Gambling

With the top white label sportsbook software providers in Armenia, you may start taking advantage of mobile betting, which is the direction that gaming is headed.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Data Ownership

You have full control over your business, including all customer data. This includes all player information, accounts, payment histories and more.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our white label sportsbook software includes multiple payment options including E-wallets, credit cards and more.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Back-end Support

Our developers will provide you with the tools and assistance to get your site up and running quickly.

iGamingBook's Top Features Guarantee
Peak Performance

white label sportsbook

In-Play Betting

You can wager on athletic events in-play, taking advantage of many attractive odds, and perhaps winning a lot of money.

white label sportsbook software

Bet Settlement

Accept bets from players without having to manually process and pay out winnings.

white label sportsbook software

Real-Time Result System

Offer every client a chance to see the results of matches as they happen.

white label sportsbook software

Multiple Betting Markets Covered

Offer multiple betting markets covered, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey and much more.

iGamingbook - white label sportsbook software provider

Bet Slip Printing

The betting slips are automatically printed on single or multiple sheets of paper. The number of sheets required is based on how many selections you have made for each market.

white label sportsbook

Multi-Tier Agent System

It provides a unique opportunity for your clients to earn money by recruiting new players and sharing their revenue with them.

Retail Bet Shop Solution​

Retail Bet Shop Solution

Our white label sportsbook software includes a retail bet shop solution that offers self-services betting terminals to your punters.

white label sportsbook software

Risk Management Tool

The advanced tools help you to protect your business from bad bets and maintain a healthy balance of your bankroll.

white label sportsbook

Pre-Match and Live Statistics

Our software offers pre-match and live statistics that help your players make better decisions when it comes to betting on their favorite teams.

Bet Management & Monitoring Tools​

Bet Management & Monitoring Tools

Such tools can help you identify problem gamblers and take the necessary actions to prevent financial loss.

Odds Management Tool​

Odds Management Tool

You can easily manage your odds and events, customize your website and increase your revenue with our betting software.

Bet Types​

Numerous Casino Games

The users of the sportsbook platform can play a variety of casino games. It offers all the resources necessary for you to start your own online casino.

Pool System Betting​

Bet Types

We offer a wide variety of bet types and odds at our white label sportsbook solution including moneyline, parlays, teasers, straight bets, and more.

Bet Management & Monitoring Tools​

Scalable Solution

Our software is a scalable solution that can be customized to meet your needs and requirements.

white label sportsbook

Admin Dashboard

The admin area provides a clear overview of all the important information regarding your business. It offers easy access to all customer accounts and allows you to view every transaction made on your website.

white label sportsbook

Various Languages Supported

Build an audience and engage with players from all over the world with multi-language support.

iGamingbook - white label sportsbook

Quick Cash-Out

Ensure that your punters do not have to wait for the money to be released, it goes directly into your bank account.

iGamingbook - 24/7 Customer Support​

24/7 Customer Support

We provide email and phone support to our customers around-the-clock to assist with any website-related problems they may encounter.

Attract More Punters with Our White Label Sportsbook Software in Armenia

Marketing Assistance

You will have access to our team of professionals who will assist you in getting started and will walk you through the steps involved in using our betting platform to generate income.

Customer Loyalty Programs

You can create multiple campaigns with different requirements and conditions, such as “deposit bonus” or “free spins”.

Constant Customer Support

Our support team has a proven track record of providing quick solutions to all our clients’ questions and problems.

Meet Our Clients!

Enhanced Performance Management with iGamingBook’s Solutions

Our focus is on providing our clients with a premium product that they can proudly brand their own and offer to their customers.
iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Fully Customized Design

Our white label sportsbook software includes fully customized design, so you can create your own betting website or app that's unique to you and your brand.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Back Office Panel

The back office is where you can manage your sports betting business. It's where you can see your customers' account activity and manage your bookmaker statistics.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Daily Updates

We’re constantly improving our software to ensure that your customers get the best possible experience when they visit your website.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Training Manuals

We offer one-on-one training and consulting services for our clients who are looking for more advanced assistance in developing their own sportsbook software

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Management of Betting Risk

The high-risk management and fraud protection functions in our white label sportsbook software assist you in controlling your players and avoiding erroneous wagers.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Easy Hardware and Hosting Set-Ups

To ensure your sportsbook operates without hiccups, we offer full hardware and hosting setups.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Quick Resolutions

We have a dedicated support team that will take care of all your concerns and help you get up and running as soon as possible.

iGamingbook - Sportsbook provider

Various Payment Gateways

Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are just a few of the payment methods available with our white label sportsbook software.

Work With Industry Leaders To Grow Your Business

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Our Growing Extent In Global Market

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I choose a ready made software or a bespoke sportsbook software?

The biggest advantage of using a white-label site is that they have everything all set up and ready to go, so you don't have to do any work! Just get started with your new account and start accepting bets from clients.

2. Do you offer bitcoin support for your white label sportsbook software?

The answer is yes. We support all major cryptocurrencies. Our system is fully integrated with the leading cryptocurrency payment processors.

3. Do white label sportsbook software templates allow for feature customization?

Yes. If you wish to, you can also modify the template by adding additional features. On our platform, we're continually introducing new features so that you may take use of them as well.

The best thing about our platform is that it is easy to use and understand by anyone who has basic programming knowledge or experience with web development. So if you are not a programmer yourself but want to start your own sports betting business, then this platform will help you get started quickly without having any prior knowledge of coding or programming languages.

4. How does an affiliate system help the platform?

A multi-tier agent system has the advantage of allowing you to assign several agents to perform on various tasks. You get an agent that is more effective overall since they can learn from one another's performance.

5. How loyalty campaigns benefit my platform?

The addition of bonus and loyalty rewards can be a great way to boost the effectiveness of your platform. It helps to maintain user engagement, which is especially important in the early stages of development. One way to implement this is by offering users who have been using your platform for a while or who have reached a certain milestone some type of reward. This can be done in the form of discounts on premium features.

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    Why Choose iGamingBook?

    At iGamingBook, we offer white label sportsbook software in Armenia that includes fully automated casino software, sports betting software, and back office solutions for regulatory compliance. Whether you are just starting out in the sector or have been in it for a while, our team of professionals is prepared to help you with all of your needs. We offer a variety of alternatives to fit any budget and may customise our services to meet the needs of your particular business model.